Orchestrate all your Workflow Management Requirements (ETLs)
using Apache's Open-Sourced and Extensible Airflow


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Key Insights

  • Why Pfizer chose Apache Airflow for their workflow management needs

  • How they implemented this powerful tool within their complex ecosystem

  • The specific use cases where Apache Airflow has streamlined Pfizer's operations

  • Pfizer's vision for the future of workflow management and their objectives

  • The technical aspects of Apache Airflow's deployment at Pfizer

  • How Pfizer is promoting a data-oriented culture within the company

  • The expected ROI from Pfizer's investment in Apache Airflow and workflow management

Resume of this replay

This webinar focuses on: 

  1. The need for efficient workflow management in data-driven businesses
  2. How Apache Airflow supports Pfizer's digital transformation project
  3. Pfizer's business objectives and vision for the future
  4. The role of Apache Airflow in Pfizer's operations and their plans for its future use
  5. Your roadmap towards a data-oriented culture and efficient workflow management
  6. Conclusion and Q&A session